Lower secondary Level Curriculum

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PAPER I: – General Knowledge & General Mental Ability Test 

1. General Knowledge 70 Marks 

1.1 General information on solar system and earth. 

1.2 Geography of World – continent, ocean, pole, latitude, longitude, time, distance, 

mountains, earthquake, volcano, rivers, glaciers, lakes, climate, etc. 

1.3 Geography of Nepal – geographical location, relief features and natural resources 

(water resources, animals, plants, soils, minerals, mountains, etc). 

1.4 History of the World – Industrial revolution, French revolution, American War of independence, Russian revolution/October revolution, First and Second World wars and Indian movement for independence; events, causes and effects. 

1.5 History of Nepal (From ancient period till now) 

1.5.1 Social, economic and political conditions of Kiranti Period, Lichhavi 

Period and Malla Period. 1.5.2 Modern history of Nepal (from Nepal’s unification to present day) notable 

political events, social, cultural and economic conditions. 

1.6 Information on social aspect including traditions, norms, values, religions, ethnicity, languages, cultures, arts, literature, music, cultural heritages; and economic status (agriculture, industry, trade, tourism, transportation, communication, development planning, etc) of Nepal. 

1.7 Information on recent scientific activities and major inventions of science which has  direct impact on human life. 

1.8 Information on ecology, bio-diversity, sustainable development, climate change, environment management, pollution, population, urbanization, settlement (migration), poverty, health, food and nutrition, etc. 

1.9 Polity and governance of Nepal – constitution, political system, local governance, 

good governance, etc 

1.10 International affairs and institutions – the UNO and regional organizations 

(the SAARC, ASEAN, EU). 

1.11 Information on current affairs including political, social, economic, cultural, sports, books, prizes, arts, literature, music, etc of national and international importance, and noted personalities and thinkers. 

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