IPO Result of Liberty Energy | IPO allotment of Liberty Energy

The IPO issued by Liberty Energy to the public has been allotted today at the office of NIBL Ace Capital Limited.

The issue had received applications from 1,88,373 applicants who had applied for a total of 54,38,090 units. The issue was oversubscribed by more than 1.53 times. 

94,904 applicants are provided 10 units, 45,048 applicants are provided 20 units, 48,221 applicants are provided 30 units and 25,620 applicants are provided 40 units including 10 additional units through lottery.

A total of 188,499 applications were received for Liberty’s IPO. As 126 applications were rejected, only 188,373 applicants have been allotted shares. The company has opened sale of 3564390 shares to the public from Bhadra 3 to 7.

This IPO has a grade 4 rating. Rating agency ICRA Nepal has given this IPO a below average rating. 

How to check Liberty Energy IPO Result ?

  1. Mero Share

You Can Check your IPO Result through Mero share Website.



. Go to Your Dashboard MY Asba Application Report

.Click liberty energy Report & check Your Result.

Share sansar Website :- Sharesansar

Mero lagani Website :- Merolagani

Bizpati :- Bizpati/ipo/results

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