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1. According to the Nepal Electricity Authority, what percentage of households have received electricity from the national transmission system through the national grid till the fiscal year 2076/07?
86.44 percent.
– The Ministry of Energy, Water Resources and Irrigation has stated that more than 90 percent of the population has access to electricity due to the electrification of solar and micro hydropower.
– The government aims to provide electricity service to every household by 2022 and increase the per capita electricity consumption to 700 units. At present, per capita energy consumption is 260 units.

2. When did Indian cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni announce his retirement from international cricket?
१५ August 15, 2020
– Dhoni is one of the most successful captains in India in terms of leadership and success. Leading the Indian national team, he has won three major International Cricket Council (ICC) titles. He also led India to the top of the ICC Test rankings.
– Dhoni is considered to be the best ‘finisher’ and sharp-minded player in limited overs cricket.
– Dhoni from Ranchi was included in the Indian team for the first time in 2004.
– Along with Dhoni, another Indian player Suresh Raina has also announced his retirement from international cricket (August 15, 2020).

3. Who is the successful Nepali genius to set world records in 17 different genres of story and song writing?
Dr. DR Upadhyay.
(Information about the records achieved by Dr. Upadhyay in the 17 record transfer and album release program organized by DR Music and Creation in the capital on 25 July 2077 BS.)

4. What is the slogan of International Youth Day celebrated on August 12, 2020?
Youth Engagement for Global Action.
(National Slogan: Youth Involvement for Global Campaign, Employment, Promotion and Youth Involvement in Environmental Protection)

5. Where in Nepal is the golden tortoise found?
(This tortoise was first spotted in Janakpur on April 14, 2018. It took two years to study and confirm worldwide. A golden tortoise was first recorded in Nepal, published in Harpeto Notes on August 6, 2020 as a study report.)

6. Where will the Chepang Museum be built?
Raksirang, Makwanpur.

7. When was the English version of the updated map of Nepal approved?
साउन August 30, 2077
– The map prepared by the Survey Department has been approved by the Minister for Land Management, Cooperatives and Poverty Alleviation Padmakumari Aryal.
– With the publication of the English version of the map, the way has been opened to send it to the United Nations, diplomatic missions and the entire international community.
– In the past, the map of Limpiyadhura, Lipulek, Kalapani, which was released due to various reasons, was published in May 2077 BS.

8. Which was the first country to announce a vaccine against the corona virus?
 Russia (August 11, 2020).
– Russian President Vladimir Putin announces Russia’s first vaccine against the world’s corona virus (August 11, 2020).
– The vaccine is named ‘Sputnik V’ (from Russia’s first satellite Sputnik).
– The Gemelia Research Institute in Moscow has developed this vaccine based on adenovirus.

9. Who is the first woman to run for Vice President of the Democratic Party in the US presidential election?
 Kamala Harris.

10. Astimki festival is popular in which caste?
– There is a tradition in the Tharu community to celebrate Astimki Chad for two days by fasting and worshiping women.
– On the morning of the first day of the festival, there is a tradition of painting the walls of Bahri (meeting room) in the house of Bhalamansa or Badghar in the village and painting pictures of Lord Krishna and his life by painting them with lime.
– On the morning of the second day of the festival, Lord Krishna will be worshiped. After the pooja, the pooja material offered there is washed in the river that morning. After bathing in the river, they eat flowers, fish sukuti, khariya and other dishes at home. Before eating, a portion is taken out of each dish, which is called farhar. It is customary to give this dish to a married daughter as an agrasana (koseli).

11. Who is the successful politician to become the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka in August 2020?
– Mahinda Rajapakse.
– He was sworn in as Prime Minister on August 9, 2020.
– Sri Lanka’s Podujana Peramuna party leader and President Mahinda Rajapaksa has been sworn in as Prime Minister for the fourth time.
– Rajapakse’s party, Podujana Peramuna, won 145 seats in the 225-member parliament in the August 5, 2020 elections.
– In the history of Sri Lanka, Brother Gotavaya, President and Brother Mahinda Rajapaksa have succeeded in reaching the two highest political positions in the country at the same time.

12. Where is the tallest giraffe in the world?
 Australia
The Guinness World Record for the world’s tallest giraffe at the Queensland Zoo in Australia has been announced (August 2020).
– The height of the giraffe is 18 feet 8 inches.

13. Who led the Nepali military team sent to support British India in World War II?
 Ekraj Shamsher and Brahmashamsher.

14. How long did it take to write the date and time when mentioning the date in the documents in Nepal?
माघ 1961

15. What is the electoral system to be adopted in the election of members of the House of Representatives and the State Assembly?
 First-past-the-post electoral system and proportional electoral system.

16. How unicameral is the state assembly of Nepal?
 One.

17. Who is considered as the first poet of Nepali language?
 Suvananda Das.

18. What is the most popular and skilled player of the team?
की Marquee players.

19. In how many places in seven states is the government going to build integrated settlements?
– Unmanaged settlements will be developed with the objective of managing the unorganized urban development saying that it will be costly and cumbersome to build infrastructure once the beauty of the city is lost.
– According to the Department of Urban Development and Building Construction, in the first phase, roads and sewers will be constructed in the places selected for integrated settlements and markets will also be developed in some places.
– In the first phase, the construction of market, road and sewerage is estimated to cost Rs. 2.67 billion.
– Eight places selected for integrated settlement development:
– Province 1 – Rampur of Okhaldhunga
– Province 2 – Bhawanipur of Rautahat
– Bagmati Province – Kapilakot of Sindhuli
– Gandaki Pradesh –
Baglung’s Balewa – Province 5 – Rolpa’s Madichaur
– Karnali Province – Mugu’s Gamtha – Sup
Province: Bajhang’s Chaurjahari and Bajura’s Martadi
– The system of developing the basic infrastructure of public service to be provided by the government in one place is integrated settlement development.

20. When did the Supreme Court start online dating service?
Mangsir 14, 2071
– For the purpose of providing facility to the parties to the cases settled in the date by registering in the Supreme Court, an arrangement has been made to get the date online from the nearest district court or appellate court without appearing before the apex court.
– Immediately implemented in 31 district courts and nine appellate courts across the country, this service will come to the capital on a date after date and the general public will be relieved from the pain of unnecessary expenses.
– In addition to this, the registration number of the case, date of registration, date of hearing, order or decision information has been made available through mobile SMS.

21. According to Commercial Coffee Cultivation Survey (2075), which is the first district in Nepal to produce coffee?
 Kavrepalanchok.
– According to the survey, Syangja and Sindhupalchowk are in the second and third place respectively.
– Farmers cultivating more than 50 plants in the survey have been listed as commercial cultivators.
According to the survey, there are 6,346 coffee farmers.
– Region No. in coffee production. 3 in the first place.
– According to the Department of Statistics, coffee is being cultivated in 32 out of 77 districts in the Mid-Hills region.

22. When was the export of electricity generated in Nepal to India started according to the concept of energy banking?
Asadh 27, 2076

23. What is the full form of DANIDA (Danida)?
Dennis International Development Agency.
– This organization has been providing assistance to various nations in the fields of democracy, human rights, social development, environment and sustainable development. It was established in 1962.
– Headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark.

24. How long was the longest parliamentary session in the history of Nepal?
– 381 days

25. What is the program started by Nepal Institute of Science and Technology (NAST) with the objective of utilizing the knowledge and skills of Nepali scientists abroad?
Brain pulling.
– Brain pooling program has been started to motivate the scientists doing research in various fields abroad to come to Nepal for new discoveries and research.
Under the program, research will be conducted in the areas of climate change, energy, environment, infrastructure development, natural disasters, public health and pharmacology, biodiversity, conservation and information technology, according to Nast.
– Nast has previously conducted a program called ‘Fark Hai Fark Vijnani, Timilai Dakch Nepal’.

26. When was the first National Public Health Survey conducted in Nepal?
– The fifth national public health survey was completed in Nepal in 2016.
– Health survey is being conducted in Nepal every five years.

27. Since when has the government decided to ban 20-year-old vehicles from operating?
2074 chait 1
– As per the decision of the government, vehicles from chait 1 to 20 years old will not be allowed to run on any route, according to the Department of Transport Management.
– Public use of 20-year-old vehicles was banned in Kathmandu Valley from February last year. Although some old vehicles were removed due to this decision, most of the vehicles were operated outside the Kathmandu Valley and some vehicles were used as private vehicles by schools and others, but this time the government has decided to ban the operation of vehicles older than 20 years across the country.
– Air pollution can be reduced by removing old vehicles.
– China, India, UK, France, Norway and other countries have announced to make all vehicles electric by 2030.

28. Which year has been declared as ‘Special Campaign for Safe Motherhood’ by the government?
2075 BS (Campaign started from the first week of April.)

29. Since when has the Montreal Convention, which provides for the unification of international air transport rules, been implemented?
November 4, 2003
– The Convention on the Safety of International Air Passengers, adopted in Montreal, Canada on May 28, 1999, came into force on November 4, 2003.
– This convention will help to protect the passengers from the risks arising in the course of air travel, increase the reliability of air travel and provide guaranteed compensation for the losses incurred during international travel.
– This Convention shall apply to all international travel by air for the payment of persons, baggage and cargo.
Of the 191 member states of the ICAO, 131 are party to the Convention.

30. Where is the longest train in the world?
The train, operated by Australian-based iron and steel manufacturer BHP Billison, has 682 bogies.
– The length of this train with a capacity of carrying 82,000 tons at a time is 7.353 kilometers.

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