20 Important History GK Question: Nepal History

20 Important History GK Question: Nepal History

How many rulers from the Mahishapal dynasty governed Nepal, and for how long?

-> Three individuals ruled for a total of 111 years.

During the rule of which Kirati king did a war between Shiva and Arjuna, in the guise of Kirati, take place in the hilly regions of Nepal?

-> King Humati, the 6th Kirati ruler, presided over this conflict.

Where can one find the life-size statue of Kirati king Yalambar?

-> The statue is located in Sankhuvasabha.

When did the Lichchavi rule system commence in Nepal?

-> The Lichchavi rule began around 300 BC.

How long did the Lichchavi reign last in Nepal?

-> The Lichchavi dynasty ruled for approximately 800 years.

In which location did the Lichchavis defeat 800 Kiratis in battle?

-> The battle took place in Chasal of Patan.

How many years did Anshuvarma rule?

-> Anshuvarma’s rule lasted for 16 years, from 662 to 678.

In which location did Anshu Varma construct the Kailasakuta building?

-> The Kailasakuta building was built near Pashupati in Devpatan.

Where is the mention of the glory of Kailashkuta Bhavan found in the inscription?

-> The inscription detailing the glory of Kailashkuta Bhavan is found in the Sanga inscription.

Which Nepalese king is recognized as Pashupatipadanugrihit?

-> King Anshuvarma holds the title of Pashupatipadanugrihit.

Who is the Lichhavi king credited with introducing the Vaishnava mudra?

-> Anshuvarma is the Lichhavi king associated with introducing the Vaishnava mudra.

Who is the king responsible for settling Balambu?

-> Anshuvarma is the king credited with settling Balambu.

During what period did Narendradev rule?

-> Narendradev’s rule spanned from V.No. 702 to 736.

During the Lichchhavi era, the currency included Pana and Purana. How many pana made up 1 Purana?

-> One Purana consisted of 16 pana during the Lichchhavi period.

Who initiated the tradition of Bhoto Jatra?

-> King Narendradev is credited with starting the tradition of Bhoto Jatra.

While Sikali Jatra is popular in Lalitpur’s Khokna Newar community, where is Vairagi Jatra popular?

-> Vairagi Jatra is popular in Joomla.

Who is the king responsible for covering the light of Swayambhu and constructing a Chaitya on it?

-> King Prachandadev is credited with this action.

By what other name is Gunakamadeva known?

-> Gunakamadeva is also known as Lakshmikamadeva.

Which Buddhist monk did Bhrikuti take with her when she went to Tibet? –

> Bhrikuti took the Buddhist monk Shilamanju with her to Tibet.

What was the title given to the person responsible for palace-related matters during the Lichchavi period?

-> The person overseeing matters related to the palace during the Lichchavi period was known as Mahapratihara.

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